Convert Word Document into PDF for Free

I got a call from a client who needed to quickly convert a Word document into a PDF, and they really did not want to have to install an additional application to accomplish this task.  I found that Google Docs offers the ability to do just this.  All you need is a Google account.

Google Docs Export
Sign into your Google account and then choose Google Docs.  Upload your Word document into Google Docs, and the open the document.  Next, click on File and then Download File As.  Finally, choose PDF, and then save your newly created PDF document to your computer.
You can also do the same thing with a spreadsheet using Google Docs.  Just choose Export and choose .pdf.
Another option as you can see from the screenshot, is saving the file as a zipped HTML file, however, I haven’t tried this feature to see how it appears as HTML on a website.
I’ve had great success with creating PDFs via Google Docs with either no or minimal loss of formatting, and it’s a quick and great option in case you do not want to install an additional application.