15 Seconds of DSC Fame

I listen to the Daily Source Code podcast with Adam Curry.  In DSC episode #529, Adam was troubleshooting his Internet and WiFi connections.  As he had access to the telco closet in his building, Adam kept describing a wiring harness that he did not know the name of, which is a 66 block.

I thought it would be no big deal to call-in and leave a message, especially as that is what we promote on the Stockcarzone podcast, listener feedback. Boy was I wrong.  Leaving feedback via voicemail is easier said than done.  I definitely have a new appreciation for all the Stockcarzone listeners, and anyone else who puts themselves out there and leaves feedback.  Not only did I feel rigid when I called-in, I ended up sounding rigid.

Jan ’12 Update: Unfortunately the plugin player I was using conflicted with the new theme I’m using 🙁 However, here’s the mp3 link.


I was so nervous.  So much so, that Adam had a little fun with my call.  So to highlight my 15 seconds of DSC fame, at the bottom of this post you can listen to the clip from DSC episode #530.

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