iPad 2 Best Buy Bundle Promotion

Could Upcoming Best Buy iPad 2 Promotion be Father’s Day?

After Best Buy denied rumors two weeks ago that the retailer was in a dispute with Apple over iPad sales and inventory, my guess is the iPad 2 Best Buy ‘upcoming promotion’ will be an iPad 2 Father’s Day bundle.

It could fit the timing, by the time Father’s Day advertising and promotions come around they will have plenty of bundles to offer. And that’s exactly why Best Buy would offer the iPad 2 in a bundle, to increase profit margins.

I’m sure the iPad is much like the video game hardware business; the hardware is a low-margin loss leader. But there’s a big difference with the iPad compared to the traditional video game console.

Customers won’t be coming back to purchase apps and music from Best Buy, thus the reason retailers like Best Buy will need to be creative and maximize profit margins at the initial purchase.

So it wouldn’t surprise me if we see an iPad 2 bundle with the wildly crazy magnetic Smart Cover and maybe a keyboard, camera connection kit, or video cable.

Also throw in the fact that Best Buy recently polled customers specifically on their feelings regarding various Father’s Day OnStar bundles, which I think makes it even more possible that Best Buy’s upcoming iPad 2 promotion will be centered around Father’s Day.

Engagement Question: What’s your thought on bundles? Do they work? Would you rather see bundles save you money, or include additional subscription time (6 months for the price of 4), or both?

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