PC Technician Best Practice: General System Cleaning During Service Call

One of the things I find interesting during second in-home break/fix calls, or a recent follow-up of another technician, is how lazy PC technicians have become when it comes to a general cleaning.

I have been in the business for quite a while, and I am amazed at how much positive feedback from after service surveys when doing a general system cleaning I receive, such as using compressed air and/or some sort of cleaning wipe.I realize the cost for these materials are out-of-pocket expenses, but the way I look at it is that the minimal investment goes a long way.  How come?  Because know it or not, most PC warranty repair companies do quality control surveys of technicians after the call is closed, and doing a few general maintenance steps goes a long way.

This has paid off big time for me, as I have received positive feedback as confirmation.  Besides, keep your receipts and write them off in taxes.  To minimize the costs for these materials, one alternative I found for overpriced computer wipes are baby wipes.

They may have less alcohol than PC-related wipes, but for me they work just as well, and are a whole lot cheaper.  Get a brick of baby wipes and/or the travel packs and you are good to go.  They work great for a general wipe down, and even better for cleaning off old CPU thermal grease.

Compressed air and cleaning wipes may not be required tools when doing warranty repairs, but in the long run the potential payoff is big, and is a best practice I would incorporate into all in-home service calls.