Geospatial Snapshop of Amazon Restaurant Delivery in San Diego

Say what you will about Amazon; love them or hate them. Regardless how you feel, Amazon is here to stay. And in this expansion period, they are trying a variety of disruption models when it comes to technology, and now even services. 

It almost feels like the old google approach as to let’s throw it on the wall and see what sticks. And when it comes to Amazon’s foray into restaurant delivery, it will be interesting to see if this service sticks or not.

This article is quick snapshot of San Diego restaurants chosen for the initial rollout in that area. At this writing, the restaurant delivery is working in 20 major markets – one of those being San Diego, California.

Spatially looking at the restaurants in that delivery area, shows a wide variety, and located in numerous neighborhoods.

I can’t say it’s like this for any of the other Amazon delivery markets, but I think looking at the San Diego choices provides a good example of what might occur in other cities as they come online.

If we use the example of neighborhoods included in San Diego in a smaller populated city like Bakersfield, hopefully we’d also see a good mix of foods and locations.

This means having restaurants which are not just centrally located, or in one part of town or the other, but a balance of both – so that all restaurants can compete in this new arena to restaurateurs.

I would say that if Amazon Restaurants is here to stay (it was started in 2014), and Amazon continues to open new markets in other cities, it would be wise for potential cities and restaurants to be ready.

NOTE: After this post, Uber Eats in Bakersfield  is now available.

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