How do you deal with Content Overload?

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out how to deal with personal content overload.  I searched for similar articles and found a couple here and here.  And while tools to make it easier is one solution, I’m coming to the realization that it’s more of a discipline issue more than anything.

What I mean is that while I find myself using iPhone applications such as Tweetie and FaceBook to quickly upload some content, that doesn’t work when taking pictures with my SLR, shooting video with the Vado, or recording audio with my iRiver.

So until I have a device that has both quality and the ability to instantly upload to the cloud in an easy way, I’m going to have to focus of making myself process the content.

And one thing I have realized when it comes to processing content, is the longer I wait to deal with it, the less chance this task has of being completed.

In other words, for me, what I’ve found that works best is to transfer and upload the content as soon as possible afterwards.  If I wait longer than 2-3 weeks I usually won’t deal with it.

For example, WordCamp San Francisco was almost 3 weeks ago as of this writing, so unless I process the audio and video I captured this coming weekend, more than likely it will never get done.

I guess this is not much different from other tasks in life–but it just seems like with so many devices and content becoming part of our daily lives, it makes it seem so overwhelming sometimes.  So how do you deal with content overload?

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